NEXUS Summer Programs 2019

Chicago, IL - June 23 - July 3 (Roosevelt University)

Ithaca, NY - July 14 - July 25 (Cornell University)

Miami, FL - July 21 - August 1 (University of Miami)

Cambridge, MA - July 21 - August 1 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Denver, CO - July 29 - August 8 (University of Denver) 

Eligibility: US High School 10th & 11th Grade

Applications Under Final Review. (Some Programs Have Closed for 2019)  

Program Costs = $50 Application Fee + $1,600 Tuition 

This Application Is For ULI Urban Plan Recommended First Time Applicants ONLY
  There are NO Guaranteed Placements In Nexus Summer Programs 

Complete this Application ONLY if you are seeking employment with NEXUS Summer Programs and are currently enrolled in college with a classification of Freshman year or higher.  Job Requirements:  

  • Some experience with teens, teaching or camp counseling.
  • Must Pass Criminal/Child Background Check.
  • Superior event execution and multi-tasking skills.
  • Must be able to participate in potentially strenuous physical activity.
  • Experience with managing events, preferred. 

Salary:   $1000 (1099 - Contractor for NEXUS Summer Program, llc)   

Supervisor: Operations Liaison Director (OLD).

The Production Assistant (PA) serves as the “go to” support for the Operations Liaison Director in the daily operations of the program. He/she is responsible for managing the setup and tear-down of all daily activities.  These tasks include working with staff and event planning coordinator to ensure materials and rooms are setup and ready for students and guests at each session.  Stocking the classrooms and dorms with snacks for the participants.  Traveling ahead to coordinate smooth welcoming for all field trips in collaboration with the Operations Liaison Director.  Making sure all a/v equipment is ready for all guest presenters and instructors.  Additional tasks assigned by Operations Liaison Director.  Must be able to lift 40lbs. 

Complete this Application ONLY if you've completed a minimum of two-years of undergraduate studies and you are currently enrolled or have graduated from an accredited American college/university.
 Job Requirements:  

  • Knowledge and previous experience teaching/ facilitating step classes 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must be responsible, reliable and punctual 
  • Commit to schedule provided by Nexus Summer Program 
  • Must be over 18 years old  

Hourly Rate: $25 (1099  Contractor for NEXUS Summer Program, llc)

Step Master –  will teach student groups of 25-50 high school students the skills necessary for stepping. Have the ability to produce rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Choreograph a full routine and teach step techniques such as; warm-up, transitional steps, sections, and placement, to students. Lead all rehearsals in preparation for final presentation. Create an environment of active and genuine learning by employing a range of teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students which include both females and males.      

Complete this Application ONLY if you've completed a minimum of three-years of undergraduate studies and you are currently enrolled or have graduated from an accredited American college/university.

Job Requirements:  

  • Secure Housing & Dining Hall Services 
  • Coordinate Field Trip Transportation 
  • Parking/Access for Volunteers 
  • Provide university facility access: logins, etc.  
  • Order supplies/snacks for participants 
  • Arrange all catered on-campus meals.  


Salary: $1,100 (1099 Contractor for NEXUS Summer Program, llc)

Logistics/Budget Coordinator  – The Logistics/Budget Coordinator serves as the tactical point person for the management of:  

1. Budget reconciliation and expense reimbursement with university Accounting department   

2. Coordinator of contracts with conference services for housing, meals, and all additional facilities use including, gyms, fields, libraries, computer labs, ID and Password logins, etc.    

3. Organize bus transportation between university and site sponsor for field trips.   

4. Liaison to Dean’s office for Emergencies.  

5. Main point of contact for NEXUS staff to university administration  

Nexus Summer Programs