Ends on May 31, 2019

Complete this Application ONLY if you've completed a minimum of three-years of undergraduate studies and you are currently enrolled or have graduated from an accredited American college/university. 

 Job Requirements:  

  • At least 2 years of experience with teens, teaching or camp counseling required.
  • Must Pass Criminal/Child Background Check.
  • Proven track record of superior organization and multi-tasking.
  • Management of team/staff of at least five people
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to participate in potentially strenuous physical activity.
  • Demonstrated skills in conflict mediation.
  • Experience as university Residential Assitant (RA) Preferred. 

Salary: $3,000 - $4,500 (Based on Years of Experience - Contractor for NEXUS Summer Program, llc)

Senior Peer Leader (SPL) – reporting to the Operations Liaison Director, responsible for executing the daily logistics/plans as formulated by the Curriculum and Operations Liaison Directors.  The Senior Peer Leader is also responsible for managing the Peer Leaders and Production Assistants.  The SPL must reside in the dormitory during the program period including up to three-days prior to the start.  Specifically, the Senior Peer Leader: 

Ensures that the Peer Leaders are equipped to manage the minute by minute experience for all participants. 

Liaise with the Operations Liaison Director to coordinate participant movement to field trips, site visits and weekend activities. 

Conducts nightly planning meetings with Peer Leaders in preparation for the following day. 

Serves as first line disciplinarian for participant infractions

Must have knowledge of university operations/facilities.

Maintains Peer Leaders workloads to ensure all are engaged with the participants at all times. 


Ensures daily class survey is properly uploaded with 98% daily upload completion rate.